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Maintaing Your Edge Through a Great Haircut

There’s a guy who lives in my neighborhood. He’s at least 50 years old and balding. His haircut of choice? A faux hawk. Rather than growing old gracefully, he’s grasping at anything he can that he thinks will make him look young. The haircut doesn’t really make him look young. It makes him look like a middle aged guy who’s trying too hard. As someone who is middle aged, I feel his pain.

I’m often find myself pondering the question of how to look younger into middle age.

How do we look current without coming off looking ridiculous?

I think it’s important, for those of us who are a bit more mature, to continue to look towards the younger generation for inspiration. We should take a cue from those guys and incorporate some of their style into our lives. Granted, someone my age can’t really pull off a faux hawk, but I can wear a similar style that is aggressively short on the sides and texturized on top. While those of us who are a bit more «seasoned» may not be able to wear a long shag haircut, we can go longer and wear the style brushed back with a bit of pomade and a side part. David Raccuglia, founder of the American Crew men’s line of grooming products, echos this feeling, «Just don’t fall into a category where you’re comfortable. Push it.» Just don’t push it too far. It’s also a good idea to look to fashionable mature male stars for inspiration, too.

Keeping your haircut current, but not over the top, is a great start when it comes to maintaining your edge.

Growing a bit of well-groomed facial hair or adding a trendy pair of glasses can also help. World renowned makeup artist Billy B told me, «I started going grey in my 20s, so I think it’s important to have a cool, fresh cut to keep an edge and try to remain youthful. For men, there isn’t so much that we can do other than take care of ourselves and get a cool cut.»

As we get older, maintaing a cool cut isn’t always easy. If you’re like me and you hair is thinning out a bit, go short. Get a really close cut and make sure you’ve got a clean taper on the neck. This will help minimize the thinning and help maintain a neat, youthful look. If you’re going gray, be proud of it! Keep the gray and get a great cut to go along with it. If your hair is dull, consider very subtle highlights to brighten things up a bit. Your hairstyle has a huge impact on how young you look, so find a barber or stylist who knows face shape and will make suggestions on updating your look.

I really think age is just a number. At 42, I feel great and am in better shape than I was when I was younger. Guys, as we mature, we’re in a much better position to enjoy life — we know a lot more and most of us are in a better place in our careers and finances to enjoy life to it’s fullest. Just because our hair may be a bit grayer and a little thinner, doesn’t mean we can’t maintain an edge and look young through taking care of ourselves and getting a great cut.


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